Children's Day Nursery and Pre-School

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Welcome to Tiny Toes Day Nurseries

Tiny Toes Day Nurseries are situated in Oxfordshire and our aim is to provide all children in our care with a family orientated, fun, safe and secure environment.


We have 3 nurseries located in Abingdon, Steventon and Wallingford.


Each nursery endeavours to provide children with a wide range of exciting and educational activities to stimulate each child's individual imagination, sense of creativity and thirst for knowledge. All children are treated equally with respect, attention and all the praise and encouragement they require to play and learn at their own pace.  


A family orientated atmosphere


A safe and stumulating environment


A happy, caring, safe and secure environment


A good knowledge of The Early Years Foundation Stage: Every Child Matters

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We are looking for a qualified practitioner for our ever-expanding nursery in Steventon.  You should have a good knowledge of the EYFS and have experience of working with 2-3 year olds.  To be part of our super team you should be committed to creating a stimulating environment where children can grow and learn and be able to promote a positive relationship between parents, children and your team.


Tiny Toes is a privately-owned nursery with a commitment to giving our staff excellent training both externally and internally.  


Email to apply.