Children's Day Nursery and Pre-School

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All About Us

For parents


At Tiny Toes, we offer you the individual attention of your child’s key worker wherever possible. Your child will always be handed over to the key worker and if not an equally familiar face and the same at the end of the day. Your child will be cared for throughout the day by one set member of staff and this includes a written daily account of how your child has been at nursery. Regular social events/parents evenings will be organised allowing you to come in and wander freely to view any changes and of course your child’s work displayed all around the rooms. This is also the ideal opportunity for you to meet new people and discuss your child with their key worker.

For children


Nursery life can be beneficial to children both educationally and socially. Tiny Toes nursery offers children the chance to learn through play whilst having fun and making new friends. With careful planning and evaluation nursery can prepare children for their first year of school, their first ride on a bicycle, those ever important first steps and of course those ever valuable first friendships. With the support of the friendly staff and lots of praise and encouragement children can progress with ease through nursery and make an easy transition into school life.

The Technical Stuff

Across the years Early Years education has proven itself to be the foundation upon which children build their adult lives, and in recent year’s changes to nursery education has led to the new label of “Development Matter in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)”. Children learn and develop quickly in the early years, which is why it is crucial Practitioners aim to do what they can to ensure every child has the best start in their education.  


There are four themes that underpin the EYPS, these are:


•A Unique Child,

•Positive Relationship,

•Enabling Environments,

•Learning and Development.


There are a number of ways children learn:


•Playing and Learning,

•Active Learning,

•Creating and thinking critically.


At Tiny Toes our Policy is to ensure every child is treated uniquely, staff build positive relationships and ensure the environment is enabling, as this ensures learning and development in all 7 areas.


•Personal, Social and emotional development,

•Physical Development,

•Communication and Language,



•Understanding of the world,

•Expressive Arts and Design.