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Tiny Toe's Steventon nursery is situated in a rurual setting. There is a lovely road sweeping round through the fields and trees leading to our nursery. On a good day if you are lucky you may also see the family of deer which live in the fields surrounding the farmyard and when the weather is rainy and the field has puddles you can see lots of ducks.


Steventon is a large open planned nursery. Our babies have a separate room and we have a very large room which has been separated to accommodate our 2-5 year olds and pre-school. We have a full range of toys and books which are all situated on a low level, where possible, within the room. This allows the children the opportunity to choose their own toys during the day.


Garden: We have a small garden at the side of the building which can be accessed directly from the 2-5s room and also from the back of the nursery. Our garden looks out onto the lovely fields that surround the building. We have lots of different activities to do in the garden which includes a bark pit and a stone pit.  Our gardener “Colin” comes in to help our children plant flowers, fruit and vegetables in the summer.

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